Government of Kenya Presidential Digital Talent Programme (ICT ) Cohort VI for Kenyan Graduates

Kenya Presidential Digital Talent Programme (ICT )
Kenya Presidential Digital Talent Programme (ICT )

Application Deadline: Sept. 6, 2021

Government of Kenya Presidential Digital Talent Programme (ICT ) Cohort VI for Kenyan Graduates

DigiTalent is the brand name for the Presidential Digital Talent Programme (PDTP), an internship programme that develops the ICT talent pool in Kenya through a collaboration between the public and private sectors. It is a partnership between government, public and private sector stakeholders and is to be implemented by the Ministry of Information Communications and Technology (MoICT) through the ICT Authority (ICTA).

It is borne out of the need for government to enhance its capacity to use ICT in effective public service delivery. It also provides a training ground for potential employees and an affordable labour pool of freshly qualified individuals in government offices. Targeting recent graduates, PDTP offers participants an opportunity to understand government services, and provides them with a chance to contribute towards improving service delivery to Kenyan citizens.

Digitalent focuses on two key aspects:

  • Leadership development to develop ICT leaders in government management staff by entrenching them with ICT business principles to effectively run ICT structures.
  • ICT technical capacity development by training freshly qualified graduates through an internship programme to develop a ready and affordable pool of ICT talent for government.

Kenya Presidential Digital Talent Programme Objectives

PDTP aims at developing the ICT talent pool by leveraging collaboration between the public and private sectors. Specifically, its main objectives are:

  • To deliver a combination of structured training, coaching and mentoring.
  • To develop a pipeline of future talent for government with a passion for ethical and accountable public service delivery.
  • To train at least 100 interns over a revolving 12-month period.
  • To promote innovation in local ICT product offerings

Kenya Presidential Digital Talent Programme Benefits

PDTP is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Increased youth employability
  • Improved Public/Private sector collaboration
  • Accelerated economic impact through ICT effectiveness
  • Enhanced service delivery by leveraging on ICT
  • Support ICTA’s contribution to GDP projected to be 8% of GDP by 2017 as outlined in the ICT Masterplan.

Kenya Presidential Digital Talent Programme Eligibility

  1. Applicants MUST have graduated and attained First or Upper Second-Class Honors (or the equivalent) from a recognized institution in the last two years from 2019 to the date of this advertisement.
  2. Recent graduates in BSc ICT or Engineering – The graduates must have thorough knowledge in the core areas of specialization; Network & Infrastructure, Engineering, Applications Development, Graphics & Design, Information Security and Project Management. Depending on the core area, the applicants may be required to demonstrate technical competencies on the core of specialization prior to the interview.
  3. Must be a Kenyan youth between 21 to 35 years of age and unemployed
  4. Applicants should be willing and ready to be deployed in any government organization (MCDAs) within the 47 counties on full time from 8:00am to 5:00pm
  5. Only shortlisted candidates shall be contacted to attend the interviews
  6. Females, persons with disability and graduates from the ASAL regions are encouraged to apply.

Application Instructions

Read the instructions carefully

  • All applications MUST be completed and submitted online through
  • A duly completed application form must be submitted online; no paper-based applications will be accepted.
  • Applicant should submit the correct information. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Must attach all required documents  (Copy Kenya National ID ,Passport Size Photo ,KCSE certificate ,Degree Certificate ,Receipt/ Certificate of good conduct)
  • Should be willing to be deployed in government organization within the 47 counties for 9 months
  • Should have demonstrate passion for ICT

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is the applicant’s responsibility to verify the following and NO, the application shall be processed if the following is not attached:


  • Graduates from foreign Universities should attach a certification from Kenya National Qualification Authority(KNQA)
  • Certificate in other languages, attach English translation from the relevant Embassy

DEGREE GRADE EQUIVALENT: Those Universities with GPA – Attach GPA equivalent to the Kenya Public University – eg For Second class honors upper-division GPA equivalent

CERTIFICATE NOT COLLECTED: Attach a signed and stamped letter from the University Authorities.

The 2021-22 call for applications targets Presidential Digital Talent Programme (PDTP) Cohort VI intake.

See (FAQs), For more information, visit Kenya Digital Talent Programme.


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