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Latest NPC News- Do This If Application Status Pending | NPC Training


Latest NPC News, Applicants are advised to consider doing this in the next process of NPC training and If Application Status is still Pending.

Are you one of the applicants who applied for ad hoc recruitment of her NPC at the National Population Commission to conduct the population and housing census scheduled for 2023?.

Shortly after the 2023 gubernatorial election, likely on March 15, 2023, many were unhappy with the pending NPC status and the pending training of some ad hoc staff. And some persons are now confused and asking questions about whether they can attend the training!

If you’re interested in joining the upcoming Census, try attending the NPC training in the LGA, even if your status is pending. An opportunities will be given to applicants with pending issues that attended the training. After successfully completing the training, the status might changes from pending to approved. A NPC applicant who applied for Facilitator and ran into a similar problem confirmed that his status was pending during training, but was approved after attending training.

Comptroller training has also began on the March 7, 2023 to assist with preparations for the upcoming 2023 Population and Housing Census which is to discuss the critical process of the 2023 Population and Housing Census with local commissioners across the country.

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