Helb Loan Disbursement News today, 12th January 2022

Helb Loan Disbursement News
Helb Loan Disbursement News

Helb Loan Disbursement News today, 12th January 2022

In todays helb news on loan disbursement: We will be disscussing about the latest news on helb payment as of today 12th, January 2022. below are some of the answers to your question about helb disbursement.

Question: CK msee anaeza pewa helb loan ya masters akiwa na debt ya undergraduate.

Helb Team: Hi, ndio anaeza, bora analipia hiyo undergraduate one..see more here for salaried applications please click on this link http://bit.ly/HELBJielimishe.

Question: 3818/3833

Helb Team: Hi, yet to be released, please give them time.

Question: Hello we are now in the second week since we opened school and yet you have not yet paid to account batch no 3833 Id 37472614.

Helb Team: Good morning, we are working on paying it soon, please be patient

Question: Batch no. 3832 ?

Helb Team: Hi, kindly hold on as this is on the tail end of the payment process once completed you will be alerted.

Question: Batch 3832?

Helb Team: Niaje, tunaishugulikia ikishalipwa utapata SMS ?

Question: Mnataka kupeana kama valentine gifts … brilliant

Helb Team: Si ikifika huko itakuwa late?

Question: 3832

Helb Team: Hi , payment process is ongoing we will alert you once released.

Question: Hey wots wrong with HELB nowadays,,, we suffered a lot,,, kindly do something 3829

Helb Team: Hi, We will notify you once this is paid, please allow it some more processing time.

Question: Good morning HELB how can I apply for HELB bursary? Kindly help.

Helb Team: Hi, you can appeal for the bursary by filling in the loan appeal form, however the application is currently closed.

Question :3865 kindly check for me

HElb team: Hi, this is being processed.

Question: Batch number for 39642403

Helb team: Hi, SEM 2 is booked under batch 3875 and 3870


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